Cron Industries

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About Cron Industries

Here at Cron Industries, we pride ourselves on the quality and quantity of the products that we make and sell. We have been doing business since 1982, and are in 11 different countries. Our CEO, Kevin Flynn is second to none when it comes to eliminating his rivals.

Cron Industries is a unique company that was started near the beginning of the digital revolution. We were founded exactly one year after the release of the first IBM PC (5150)®. Since that faithful day, we have been creating the worlds best products for gaming and destruction, real and fictional.

The first product created was the multi-purpose deadly boomerang Light Disc. At the time only blue was available. Within the next few years we were able to create the fun and exciting Light Cycle. And of course the Light Disc was able to power the Light Cycle. Within the next few years the Light Cycle was refined and able to leave permanent streams of non-passable light. We were also able to increase our colors to include Yellow and Green.

Our management included one of the leaders in technology redistribution (stealing), Ed Dillinger. A revolutionist in his management style and ability to lock out or absorb his competition. It was from his leadership that our current CEO was created.