Cron Industries

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  • Light discs
    We feel that Light Disc's will be the choice tool when battling your rivals in the arena of the digital age. Not only will you be able to knock our your opponents but you will be able to use it as a shield as well. Our Light Discs are preprogrammed to return automatically whether they strike a target, wall or not.
  • Light Cycles
    Currently in Blue, Yellow and Green. They will be coming out very soon in Pink and Fuchsia. Our cycles are the fastest on the market. The are able to draw lines of light for over 100 miles without a Copper Top replacement. Your opponent will not be able to cross our lines, and if they do we will give you your money back.
  • Attack Spiders
    Made from the finest digital bits one can code. We purchase our bytes directly from the source. That's right we go directly to the outlet and plug you in to the fastest, most resilient eight legged creatures ever created. With all of the options able today we have decided to allow you to choose any color you desire as long as it is black. They are fully able to reproduce into countless numbers and only require electricity to work.